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The Animals presents the insular experience of working in an actors studio, engaging in the rituals of the genre while siting the emotional toll paid by it’s participants, actors, who embrace the oddity of living vicariously through performance.
The films complete scenic framework takes place in one building, in the psychological space established by acting coaches and visitors who enter and exit the scenes, while the protagonists, aspiring actors, are left with their attempts.
The complete absence of reality, perpetually challenges the world the actors are aiming to establish.
With the words of others and in their often comic, failed performances, The Animals mirror our desire to build worlds for ourselves, to successfully exist within them, and what happens when those worlds collide.
In this 80 minute film, the viewer is transported into their parallel reality and feels the shame and frustration of trying to be something we’re not, what it means to want that, and in wanting ask ourselves, how much are we willing to give to get it.
(Adrian Williams 2016)

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