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Biographies, filmographies and exhibition lists

Kerstin Cmelka
Born in 1974 in Mödling, Austria.
1999-2005 studies at Hochschule für Bildende Künste – Städelschule, Frankfurt/M. Cmelka works with film/video, performance and photogpraphy. She lives and works as visual artist in Berlin.
Since 2000 she shows internationally and participates in film festivals and screenings. Several residency (e.g. Villa Aurora in winter 2014, residency of Bundeskanzleramt Austria in New York in 2011 and in Rome in 2008).
Since 2007 various teaching jobs: e.g. visiting professor at Udk Berlin from 2012-2015, since 2016 professor for time based media and performance at the school for art and design, Bergen, Norway.
filmography (selection):
„Mit mir“ (2000); „Neurodermitis“ (1999), „Et In Arcadia Ego“ (2000); „camera“ (2002);
„Mikrodramas“ (Video- und Life-Performances zwischen 2008-2014): u.a. „Liebelei“ (20008), „Nora“ (2008), „Change“ (2009), „Who´s afraid?/Final Fight“ (2010), „Art and Life“ (2012), „The Indiviualists“ (2012), „Mikrodrama #11“ (2014)
„The Animals“, 80 min, 2016
exhibition list – solo (selection)
2016 „The Animals – "The Chicken/ Egg- Dilemma“, Kunstverein Langenhagen
2016 „Mikrodrama #11“, Schaut! in Mal Sehn cinema, Frankfurt/Main
2016 „The Animals – Homestories“, Liszt, Berlin
2015 “Kerstin Cmelka with Manuel Gorkiewicz, Mario Mentrup, Hanno Millesi and Mandla Reuter”, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
2014 “Microdrama #11”, Kunstverein Langenhagen
2014 “Surviving a Shark Attack on Land” (Performance), ACTS 2014, Museum for Contemporary Art Roskilde, Denmark
2013 „Kunst und Lebensform/Art and Life form“,Halle für Kunst und Medien (KM-), Graz
2012 „All Change“, Kunstverein Harburg, Hamburg
2012 „Art&Life“, Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Sweden
2012 „Step in Shelter“, Signal, Malmö
2012 „A wave of certain needs“ (with Nora Schultz), after the butcher, Berlin
2010 „Flirtations and Partners“, Peles Empire, London
2007 „Kerstin-Cmelka-Retrospective“, ritter&staiff, Frankfurt/Main
2006 „Multistability“, rraum, Frankfurt/Main
2006 „Non-Identical Twins“, Kunstraum NÖ, Vienna
2003 „Kerstin Cmelka“, Schnitt Ausstellungsraum, Cologne

Group shows (selection)
2016 „Where are we now?“, nbk, Berlin
2016 „Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt“, Künstlerhaus Bremen
2014 “Essential Loneliness”, Taylor Macklin, Zürich
2013 „Der feine Unterschied“, Kunstverein Langenhagen
2011 „Based In Berlin“, Berlin
2011 „Kalte Gesellschaft“, curated by Judith Hopf, KW69 #3, Kunstwerke Berlin
2010 „Handlinger/Gestures“, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark
2009 „Scorpios Garden“, compiled by Kerstine Roerpsdorff, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin
2009 „Playing Homage“, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
2008 „50 Moons. Turin Triennale“ , Castello di Rivoli, Turin
2008 „Die Wahrnehmung von Ideen führt zu neuen Ideen“, Kunstverein Rheinlande u.Westfalen, Düsseldorf
2008 „Schnecke, Vogel, Katze und Qualle“, Galerie Mezzanin, Vienna
2007 „Overtake. The Reinterpretation of Modern Art“, Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland
2007 „Secret Flix“, Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt/Main
2007 2nd Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art, Moskau
2006 Busan Biennale 2006, Busan, Korea
2005 „Wer von diesen sieben (...)“, Studiogalerie Kunstverein Braunschweig
2005 „Madonna“, Kunsthaus Dresden
2004 „Bool, Chung, Cmelka, Fleischmann, Takeki Maeda“, c/o Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin
2004 „Fotosommergruppenausstellung“, Galerie Meerrettich, Berlin
2003 “Vivere Venezia 2 - Recycling the Future”, Biennale di Venezia
2001 „Kerstin Cmelka Bernhard Schreiner – Ausgewählte Filme 1986 –2001“, Galerie Maschenmode, Berlin

Performances (selection)
2016 „The Animal Exercise“ (with Mario Mentrup): Kreuzbergpavillion Berlin and Künstlerhaus Bremen
2015 „The Song and Dance Exercise“: performance feat. Gerrit Frohne Brinkmann, Hanno Millesi and Mario Mentrup, with a concert by Pasadena Projekt (Mario Mentrup, Nikolaus Woernle and Claudia Basrawi), Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
2014 “Surviving a Shark Attack on Land”, Kerstin Cmelka feat. Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Jenny Grönvall, Carl Lindh and Hanno Millesi, ACTS 2014, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark
2013 „Nora“ (with Daniel Laufer), MEGAfon, Berlin
2013 „Non Identical Twins (Dance Folly)“ “, tap dance performance, Museumsnacht, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel
2013 „Change“ (with Manuel Gorkiewicz, Hanno Millesi, Christian Wallner und Thomas Draschan), in the frameworks of „Art and Life Form“, Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst und Medien (KM-), Graz
2012 „Art&Life“, talk show performance, Lunds Konsthall, Sweden
2012 „Kunst und Lebensform“ (talk performance with Nikola Dietrich, Scott Cameron Weaver, Tenzing Barshee, Hannah Weinberger and Fabian Schöneich), Elaine, Basel
2011 „Zeitgeist Varieté“ (with Adrian Williams), in the frameworks of „Stolen from my subconscious“, KW69 #4, Berlin
2008 „Intervention Michael Part Eins“ (Street theatre with Michael Part), dutrottoirvers, Vienna
„Microdramas“: live performances and performance videos between 2008 and 2014: e.g. „Liebelei/Flirtations“, „I love you“, „Nora“, „Change“ etc.: various performers and sets such as:
2011 „Change“ (wirh Christian Wallner, Hanno Millesi, Manuel Gorkiewicz und Scott Cameron Weaver), Based in Berlin
2009 „Nora“ (with Manuel Gorkiewicz), Paper bar, Passagegalerie, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna
2010 „That will come later in the course of the manipulation“ (with Christian Wallner), Maribel Lopez, Berlin
2009 „Mikrodramen“ (with Judith Hopf and Achim Lengerer), in the frameworks of „Scorpios Garden“, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin
2006 „Vienna Dance Performance (Empathy)“ (with Martin Hoener, Kristoffer Frick, Karl Orton, Hanno Millesi), in the frameworks of „Non -Identical Twins“, Kunstraum NÖ, Vienna, 2006
2006 „Multistability Theatre“ (with Daniela Kneip-Velescu, Katharina Schücke, Karl Orton, Martin Hoener,Sangram Singh Pabla, Kristoffer Frick), Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt/Main, 2006
2006 „Tap Dance Performance“ (with Karl Orton), Meerrettich on Ice Gala, Volksbühne Berlin,

Mario Mentrup

born in 1965 in Emden, Germany. He lives and works as actor, director, musician and writer in Berlin.

As a movie actor Mario Mentrup has played main roles in highly awarded films, for Film and TV. As a theatre actor Mentrup has worked with various directors, including international performances.

Since 2005 he directs his own films together with Volker Sattel CITY OF LIGHT (2005), I DO ADORE (2007), THE EAGLE IS GONE (2010), DO THE OZ (music video) (2011), PHOTOGRAPHED (music Video) (2012), YELLOW SWEATER (music video) 2016,
In 2016 co director of THE ANIMALS (Kerstin Cmelka & Mario Mentrup)

There is a body of musical work in bands and projects like KNOCHEN GIRL (1987-1995), PASADENA PROJEKT (2004-today) and recently the solo show under his real name.

Mario Mentrup is the co-founder and ex- co-publisher of the small art book publishing house FANTOME VERLAG (ex- Maas Media ) based in Berlin.

From 1987 -1995, frontman, singer, writer , composer, guitarist for KNOCHEN-GIRL (Cassette & Vinyl and CD Album releases on various Labels)

Co-labelmanager for Human Wreckords – a noise, noise rock, industrial music label based in Berlin in the years 1989-1998.
(During 1996 – 1998 various music projects made under pseudonyms, the most famous pseudonym Mentrup used was the multiple identity name LUTHER BLISSET: under this name production of albums and stage perfomances with LADYBIRD/MERZBOW and VIVACIDE for the label Human Wreckords)

Co-writer and Musician and perfomer for Video Art with ANGIE REED: XYZ FREQUENCY (Chicks on Speed) 2005
Guitarist for Live Act SOFFY O AND THE GROUP OF O'S performing the album SOFFY O - THEBEAUTY OF IT (Virgin/Universal 2006)

On/ OFF Improvisational industrial music performances with SHOPPING CHRISTEL ( a parody on Throbbing Gristle) from 2004 – 2008

Singer, Songwriter, Multiinstrumentalist for Music project the Duo PASADENA PROJEKT, live shows and various Albums on CD and digital distributions from 2004- 2015

Example of a digital EP by Pasadena Projekt 2011:

Since 2013 Solo Concert Shows under the name Mario Mentrup in bars, galleries and concert halls.

Art and writing:

Member of GRUPPE M, 1991-1996 (anonymous exhibitions, writings, performances)
In 1996 in a small multiple art edition of texts and drawings it was reveiled that GRUPPE M consisted of Claudia Basrawi, Michael Horn, Mario Mentrup, since then exhbitions and readings/performances in numerous public spaces from 1996- 2002.

official publications by Gruppe M:

- Von der Legende Mensch zu sein (anonymous collective novel) Berlin 1994

-Die Welt in der wir wohnten novel by Basrawi, Horn, Mentrup) Berlin 2002

last official exhibition (soloshow Gruppe M) at Laura Mars Grp Gallery 2001

Publications by Mario Mentrup:
- editor of BUBIZIN/MÄDIZIN text, story, graphic stories by Stewart Home, Darius James, Viktor Pelewin, Joe Sacco, Dietmar Dath, Tony Millionaire, Francoise Cactus, Billy Childish a.o., Berlin 1994

- editor and writer of PRINT IDENTITÄTEN, Contributors: Gruppe M, Claudia Basrawi, Stewart Home, Billy Childish, Andrej Velikanow a.o/ Berlin 2000 and 2001

-co editor and contributor for ARTOUT- The reader /Berlin 2010, Contributions by Sue Rolnik,Jon Refsdale Moe a.o

From 1998- 2011 co-editor and publisher for the small publishing house Maas Media, Berlin
From 2012 – 2015 co- editor and publisher for the publishing house Fantome, Berlin

2001 – 2006 Co- curator with Claudia Basrawi for a monthly event with Readings, Films, Concerts, performances at the Literature and Concert Venue: Kaffee Burger, Berlin

2011 Curator of SHAVEN GODS – a multimedia group show with various artists based on a science fiction mythology created by Mario Mentrup and his music act PASADENA PROJEKT at Staatsgalerie Berlin
digital CD to the project :

2016 „The Animal Exercise“ (Kerstin Cmelka & Mario Mentrup): Kreuzbergpavillion Berlin and Künstlerhaus Bremen
2015 „The Song and Dance Exercise“: performance by Kerstin Cmelka feat. Gerrit Frohne Brinkmann, Hanno Millesi and Mario Mentrup, with a concert by Pasadena Projekt (Mario Mentrup, Nikolaus Woernle and Claudia Basrawi), Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe

Group Shows:
2015 “Kerstin Cmelka with Manuel Gorkiewicz, Mario Mentrup, Hanno Millesi and Mandla Reuter”, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
2016 „The Animals – Varieté“, Kunstverein Langenhagen (Nov. 2016)

Movie & TV and Art:

As a movie actor Mario Mentrup has played lead roles in highly awarded films and worldwide TV and Festivalscreenings for example CHRONIK DES REGENS (1990) KUDAMM SECURITY (short 1997), SALAMANDER (Feature 2000), MY SWEET HOME (Feature 2001), also he played in the critically acclaimed Movie DIE QUEREINSTEIGERINNEN (Like in Uruguay) ( Feature 2005), LADYYBUG (feature 2006) I DO ADORE (feature 2007), HANS DAMPF (feature 2013). He has worked as an actor for artists like Clemens von Wedemeyer, Istvan Kantor, Angie Reed, Bruce La Bruce, Judith Hopf, Deborah Schamoni, Keren Cytter, Kerstin Cmelka and acted as the only character actor in the feminist porn CABARET DESIRE by Erika Lust (2011). Latest main roles in the feature experimental film INVESTIGATING THE MURDER CASE OF MISS XY (2014) and in THE ANIMALS (2016)

Theatre & Performance:
Theatre performances in various plays for various internnational Groups and Directors at

Theatre as Director and Writer:
DEMONEN /Troia- 2005 Theater der Welt, Stuttgart
LIEBE IST HEIMWEH- 2007 Festspielhaus Hellerau

Films as director and auteur:
Since 2005 Mario Mentrup directs and produces experimental fiction and Art films together with Volker Sattel.

STADT DES LICHTS (City of Light) (D 2005) (middlelength Feature):

Screenings/Festivals: Premiere 2005 Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz Berlin, 2006 SHOWROOM MAMA, Rotterdam, 2006 various Screenings in Independent & Arthouse Cinemas Germany like Blackbox Kinomuseum Düsseldorf, Kino Brotfabrik , Berlin, Central Kino Berlin, Filmwerkstatt Munich, 2007 VEGAS GALLERY London, 2008 PESARO INTERNATIONAL DEL NUOVO CINEMA Festival, 2008 Goethe Institut Madrid ( Installation with parts of the Film)

SIE KOMMEN NACHTS (They come at nigh)t (D 2006, Documentary on a street art festival): Published on DVD by Gestalten 2008 together with a catalogue: They came at night

Festivals (selected): 2007: DOCUMENTA Madrid, Portobello Film Festival London, East Silver Doc Market Jihlava, Int. Videofestival Bochum, Backjumps Exhibition Berlin, Rhythm of the Line Festival Berlin ,Sheffield Doc Fest (Videotheque) , Kurzfilmtage Speyer, 2008: TRANSMEDIALE Berlin, 2009: Maysles Theatre; New York, RADAR intern. independent Film Festival Hamburg

ICH BEGEHRE (D 2007, Feature Film):

2007 NEW GERMAN FILM series BABYLON KINO,Berlin, 2007 DOUBLE A-SIDE Artis/Hertogenbosch, (film installation), 2007 Speyer Filmfestiva,l from, 2007- 2008 various screenings in Cinemas : Kino Central, Berlin, KINOMUSEUM BLACK BOX Düsseldorf , Bware Laden Kino Berlin , BAR 25, Berlin, 2008 Funen Art Academy, Denmark, 2008 Goethe Institut Madrid (film installation), 2009 Goethe Institut Montreal, CARTE BLANCHE: Marie Brassard: German Film, 2015: Lichtblick Kino Berlin

DER ADLER IST FORT / The eagle is gone ( 2010 Shortfilm/ Music & Artfilm) together with musical Berlin-based artists TARWATER
Achtung berlin festival (competition) 2010, Art Fair Bruxelles 2010, Shortcutz competition Berlin 2012, 20 years Anniversary TARWATER @ Roter Salon, Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz 2016, Letters from Pocket Embassy IV experimental video art screening/Geneva edition 2016

SARAH (short film 2011) a webdiary thriller for the internet

DO THE OZ ( 2011 official musicvideo based on DER ADLER IST FORT exerpts) for Tarwater) worldwide online premieres hosted by Electronic Beats magazine and, putpat

PHOTOGRAPHED (2012 official musicvideo ) for Tarwater, label Bureau B
YELLOW SWEATER (2016 officialmusicvideo) for Sorry Gilberto, label Solaris Empire

All narrative films can be seen on VOD:

info and reviews and clips and short films

online Q&A by James Devereaux on acting- directing practice in 2012:

online video interview(excerpt) for

Lectures, Workshops:
2000 Betafestival (on Media and art )Haus der Kulturen der Welt , Berlin
2001 Laura Mars Grp gallery, berlin
2002 Sommerakademie Mousontum Frankfurt
2007 Krems Donaufestival
2008 Goethe Institut Madrid
2008 Funen Art Academy, Denmark
2013 Staaken public school, Berlin
2013 Hbgk Hamburg- Experimental offensiv Symposium
2015 Kunstakademie Tromsö, Norway