Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

THE ANIMALS screenings @ Mal Sehn' Kino Frankfurt

Bühnenproben zu „Cat People“ (nach dem Film von Jacques Tourneur) geraten zu einer satirischen, mitunter Slapstick-artigen Reflektion über Methoden der Selbstdarstellung. Kerstin Cmelka bewegt sich in diesem Kosmos der Inszenierungsgelüste mit einer lauernden Energie, als würde sie sich tatsächlich jeden Moment in einen Panther verwandeln.
Premiere in Anwesenheit von Kerstin Cmelka.
Begleitend zur Ausstellung „Mikrodrama #11“
im SCHAUT!-Ausstellungsraum im 1.Stock (Eröffnung 20 Uhr)
Am So. 12.06. in Anwesenheit von Kerstin Cmelka
Termine Mi. 08.06., 22:00 So. 12.06., 14:00

June 5 2016 screening @ The first Summer Fest of Western Liberation

@ REUNION in Zürich THE ANIMALS will be screened Sunday June 5 , 16.00 'o' clock.
About the festival:
Artist Keren Cytter is returning to her former gallery location Elisabeth Kaufmann (Now Réunion) and initiates together with Natalie Keppler and Andreas Wagner a summer festival for all forms of art.
The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation is formed for the non-glob-trotting crowd and the young people of Zurich. The festival goals are to expands the idea of contemporary art, art-space, art-event and time in general with music performances by the all-girl jazzy, post-pop-punk band Ravioli Me Away, the theatrical music performer Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE and Hove aka Marc Hofweber, among others.
The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation is a non-institutional art event that aims to present time-based art in a weekend of hard and light-hearted entertainment:
From a curated library by Christoph Schifferli, to a Brunch based performance by Dafna Maimon and Hanne Lippard, among others. The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation separates art from capital and delivers it to the general public in one weekend of relief with screenings by the talented Kerstin Cmelka and the New York It girl Maggie Lee.
The face of the festival and host is Robert Steinberger.
Location: RÉUNION, Müllerstrasse 57, Zurich
Date: June 3-5, 2016 Daily: 2PM - 1AM
Participants: Christoph Schifferli & MOTTO, Andrew Kerton, Antonio Grulli, Keren Cytter, Ravioli Me Away,, Thomas Moor, Maggie Lee, Cosima Grand, Marc Hofweber aka HOVE, Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE, Dafna Maimon & Hanne Lippard, Kerstin Cmelka, Sophie Jung and Pascal Sidler.

Montag, 9. Mai 2016

Next Screening venues of THE ANIMALS

-16. & 18. of May 2016 @ LICHTBLICK Kino Berlin ( Q & A with directors)
a summer festival weekend curated by Keren Cytter a.o @ RÉUNION in Zürich
- 8. June Opening of MICRODRAMA #11 by Kerstin Cmelka and screening of THE ANIMALS
@ SCHAUT/ MAL SEHN' and June 12 Sonntagsmatinee
@ MAL SEHN' Kino Frankfurt